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Software Training Courses

Apheta provides real time and job oriented software training on Oracle PL/SQL, Microsoft DotNet and Technical writing. Our these courses are designed by professional having more than 20 years of experience in software industries. Our students are working in top MNC companies with good salary package.

Oracle PL/SQL Topic
  • Introduction to ORACLE database and its architecture
  • How to create an ORACLE instance and basic knowledge on Client-Server
  • How a SQL query is executed inside ORACLE engine
  • Types of SQL statement (DML/DDL/TCL)
  • Different Types of joins, Sub-Query including SET operator (UNION, MINUS etc)
  • SQL Data Types supported by Oracle, Handling of Date Data type and different SQL Function associated with it.
  • Other SQL Inbuilt Function, aggregate Function
  • Practical Session on different SQL Statement
  • Views/Materialized Views and its advantage/disadvantage
  • Limitation of SQL and Introduction to PL/SQL
  • Practical session on PL/SQL
  • Triggers and its types, advantage/disadvantage
  • Practical Session on triggers
  • PL/SQL data types including CURSOR
  • Introduction to Procedure, Functions and Packages
  • Practical session on Procedure/Function/Packages
  • Basic knowledge on Collections
  • Basic knowledge on Analytical Function

Microsoft DotNet Topic

Overview of the ASP.NET
  • Introduction of different Web Technology
  • What is Asp.Net
  • How Asp.Net Works
  • Use of visual studio
  • Languages used in Asp.Net.
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • NET Framework Class Library.
Asp.Net Standard Controls
Displaying information
  • Label Controls
  • Literal Controls
  • Bulleted List
Accepting User Input
  • Textbox controls
  • RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls
  • CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls
  • Button controls
  • LinkButton Control
  • ImageButton Control
  • Using Hyperlink Control
  • DropDownList
  • ListBox
Displaying Images
  • Image Control
  • Image Map Control
  • Using Panel Control
  • Using Hyperlink Control
Asp.Net State Management
  • Client Side  State Management
  • Server Side State management
  • Overview of events in page
Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation
  • Required Field Validator Control
  • Regular Expression Validator Control
  • Compare Field Validator Control
  • Range Validator Control
  • Validation Summary Control
  • Custom Validator Control
Master pages And User Controls
  • Creating master pages
  • Creating user controls
Using the Rich Controls
  • Accepting File Uploads
  • Saving files to file system
  • Calendar Control
  • Displaying advertisements
Using the Grid View Control
  • Grid View Control fundamentals
  • Displaying Data
  • Using Data Keys
  • Sorting Data
  • Paging through Data
Using Repeater and Data List Controls
  • Using Repeater Control
  • Displaying data with the Repeater Control
  • Displaying Data with the Data List Control
Using Navigation Controls
  • Understanding Site Maps
  • Using the Sitemap Path Control
  • Formatting the Sitemap Path Control
  • Using the Menu Control
  • Using Tree View Control
Overview of Data Access
  • Creating database connections
  • Connecting to MSSQL Server and MS Access
  • DataSet & DataTable Features
  • Using inline SQL Statements
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • Executing select commands
  • Sql Transaction
  • Data Type and syntax Language Fundamentals
  • Classes
  • Namespaces
  • Object Oriented Programming concepts
Technical Writing Curriculum

  • Introduction to Technical Writing and its Domains, Prospects
  • Types of Technical Documents and their Relevance
  • Documentation Development Life Cycle (DDLC)
  • Technical Writing Guidelines
  • Determine the purpose and use
  • Identify the audience and their requirements
  • Determine the level of details
  • Organize the information/content/data
  • Basic Patterns to Follow in a Document  (User Guide) – 2 hrs
  • Style Guide and its Elements – 11 hrs
  • Present Tense, Active Voice
  • Simple Sentences
  • Gender Neutrality
  • Abbreviations and Acronyms
  • Lists
  • Sidebars
  • Figures and Tables
  • Cross-references
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Redundancy
  • Words and phrases to avoid
  • Follow the Practices
  • Apply ethical principles
  • Give credit where due
  • Case Study
  • Preparation for Interviews
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